Progress on Red Turf Algae

i would ratehr have a FOWLR than a red turf occupied reef. i hate that shit, took over my 37 gallon, my only reason to start a new tank
I do not believe a tank can be "cured" of RTA --BUT with peroxide, emeralds, large turbos and "stop aptasia" you can control it to the point that it is not really a problem.

It appeared that every trace was eradicated from my tank but it very slowly came back especially after my 3 emeralds died off. (I noticed the 3rd one dead this morning.)
I agree, and if kept in check it really doesn't look too bad in just a few spots. I really like watching the emeralds pick at it... and my blenny chomping on it.
I never knew stop aiptasia worked for it that's neat.

Since this species of algae is an obligate hitchhiker, once you kill the entire mass out of the rockwork it can't come back. But i agree its got nasty holdfasts and will regrow until all mass
can be eradicated

I got it all out of my tank over a year ago but the difference is my tiny pico reef is easy to cover all areas on a drain and treat and these larger tanks have much more ground to cover.
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If you cannot lower the water level enough to bring the RTA out of the water so you can spray it with peroxide then try this:

  1. turn off flow
  2. put "stop aptasia" --saturate it
  3. wait five minutes
  4. try to suck most of it out using a pump with tube or with a baster
  5. turn flow back on
  6. RTA will turn bright red almost immediately and then a few days later it will turn white.
  7. Then it will be eaten or rot away.
Before and after pics
External spot treatment with peroxide
From poster Patrick Cox from rc


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