Progress on Red Turf Algae

I have been told to NOT to spray Hydrogen Peroxide on LPS and never more than a 50% solution on SPS.
That's to say mix half form the bottle of 3% solution with water.
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I would never spray any amount/dilution on those corals, agreed.

I was endorsing spot treatments where the peroxide only contacts the target algae, you work around the corals and stuff
very rarely have I seen invaders on the polyp itself, they are usually encrusted up around the base, and those areas can be treated depending on the frag/mount etc

I think all peroxide dosings should be customized based on pictures and preparation before treatment.
Another note about Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Unlike Aptasia-X or "Stop Aptasia", H2O2 will kill coralline algae. Of course H2O2 is a whole cheaper.
I have been told that keeping a constant high ph for a long period of time will get rid of it aswell. I have a large turbo and I held a high ph and I haven't noticed any in quite a while... :)
Be careful if using Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) on a large amount of rock all at once. I did this and I seeing a lot of surface slime. It may be better to treat a limited amount of rock with H2O2 say once every 2 weeks,
BREAKTHROUGH: All my RTA is GONE and I am not sure exactly why. There is not a trace left and I hope this post doesn't jinx it.

My guesses what killed it off:

  • I did treat the pieces that were covered with RTA by dipping them in Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) for 3 minutes but some pieces of rock with RTA could not be removed because they were at the bottom and I did not want to take all rock out. Little H2O2 actually got in the water but maybe the small amount that did killed it.
  • I did put 5 emeralds and a bunch of smaller snails in the tank just prior to the disappearance or the RTA but I had already tried that to no avail.
  • My large turbo that ate so much RTA died just a week or so before thr RTA vanished.
  • Someone once told me that some macro algae can go through a bio-chemical cycle and it will eventually die off in a closed eco-system such as a marine tank.
  • Other types of algae seem at an all time low in my tank.
  • Combination of things?
That's some DANG good news Sen. But I sure wish you knew exactly what got rid of the RTA.I know people that have completely tore down otherwise awesome systems because of that stuff.
Woohoo sen! You fought battle after battle and won the WAR! I would wish this on no one! I think it was one of the lesser known plagues (# 11 '...and thou shalt be smote by red turf algae... so it is written, so it shall be done!')
Thx for the kudos. I've heard of people dosing H2O2. Maybe the H2O2 that got in the tank killed the RTA. If it comes back I will try it. I battled this sh*t for 2 years!
Could you tell me if the red turf algae will grow on glass or sand? My first ever marine tank just finished cycling and my rocks are covered in the stuff. I don't want to wage a war on it and I actually really like how it looks. If it will stay confined to the rocks I will probly just maintain it as a turf tank. LoL.
I had a diatom bloom for about 3 days and now the red turf seems to be disappearing on most of my rocks. There are small bright pink spots popping up randomly and after a day or so the algae is just gone? Has anyone ever had a similar experience? Could diatoms starve out other algae?
Usually it doesn't disappear too quickly. But if this is a new tank, then you could see shifts in which algaes are taking over. Diatoms will not starve out other algae (they run off of silicates), but for whatever reason it's disappearing you should be thankful. :)
It seems the reason for my RTA disappearing was actually my emerald crab and lawnmower blenny. I watched both of them tearing into the stuff. I noticed my LFS has the same red turf algae in most of their tanks, is that a good reason to steer clear of the place or is it normal to see this stuff in store displays?
If I see dirty messed up tanks with aiptasia or hair algae problems I walk out...Red turf...I would be laying rubber in the parking lot trying to get away as fast as possible....
I would agree... but... its the only place in town that does saltwater. I guess I can just plan on trying to maintain it and never fully eradicate it. I haven't called them out on it yet, can't wait til they try to convince me its a special type of coralline