Price Check ???


Reefing newb
I have a 65g hex tank with stand that i have some cichlids in.. and its complete with filter and everything.. i have someone who wants to buy it, but i dont know how much i should sell it for??? does anyone have some suggestions on a price?? oooor should i just keep it and make it another reef tank..!.?..!.. i'm torn between making my 65g hex or my 45g tank into a reef tank.... :question: would it be wise to keep my 65g or go ahead and sell it?
Hex tanks can be a pain to get the right amount of lighting becuase of the over all length sometimes or to find a canopy thats fits right.The ones I have seen in pictures look nice though
Lighting can be fun but it will also give you areas of intense light and dim light which will make it easier to stock it with a variety of corals which like different lighting conditions.
i really want seahorses!!!!!! humm so my hex tank would be better than my 45g??? is there anything special i would need to have seahorses?? are they expensive to keep? i have real horses and there very expensive soo i dont know if i could have both... :| so could someone give me a guess on what a 65g hex would run, price wise??? thanks for all the suggestions! (however i did figure that everyone would tell me to keep it-haha :cheerful: )
thanks for the link! seahorses are really expensive, i had no idea!! geesh well could anyone tell me if 450.00 would be a good amount to ask for my tank?? i've looked around and i'm having a hard time finding prices on a hex tank... i would really appreciate any feedback! :happysun:
yep i have, and no one had one that was like mine, so it was really hard to compare... sooo i guess i'll just keep looking.
Well ive found 2 hex/octagon tanks on ebay so far. Price ranging from 150 to 500 buy it now. Hope this helps, ill keep an eye out for ya.
thank you! i havent been able to check ebay for a while, my home computer is broke, and my work computer doesnt let me access ebay. thanks again :D