Pretty new to reefing in Seattle, WA

Well actually in Renton but I can toss a rock across Lake Washington and hit Seattle. No one really knows where Renton is...

I have been keeping freshwater fish forever and dove into the saltwater about 4 months ago. Started with a 20g but actually sized up to a 35g before that even got cycled LOL.

Last week I moved into the 50g with 10g sump that my BF surprised me with. I am really happy with the tank. Here is the current build.
  • 50 gallon acrylic
  • 10 gallon acrylic sump
  • Total of about 60lbs of LIve rock about 40 in tank and 20 in sump
  • BakPack skimmer with rock rubble and Chemi-Pure Elite packs in the area where the Biobale would go.
  • 150watt heater in sump
  • 4 x 24 watt T5 VHO lights 2 daylight/2 actinic
  • LED moonlights
  • 2 powerheads for flow ( I am waiting on plumbing supplies to creat a spray bar system that is going to going up and across and down the back powered by a RIO 3100 pump. I have 3/4 ID vinyl tubing that I am placing about 60 1/6th " holes and 20 1/8th " holes, I want to increase turbulent flow and minimize the visual of poweheads. I will post pics once I get the system set up.
  • 1 True Percula Clown
  • 1 Lawnmower Blennie
  • 1 Sun Watchman Goby....his shrimp was never seen again after being placed in the tank.
  • 4 blue green chromis
  • red & blue hermits
  • 3 Turbo Snails and other snails
  • 2 Sand sifting Stars
  • 1 GBTA (just got this week)
  • 1 RBTA that I believe has decided to suicide under some rock.....
  • Asst soft corals, some given to me by an awesome person in Portland from the PNWMAS
I jsut tried to upload pics but got a message that my security token was missing...maybe I need to be here a bit longer?
Upload your pics through photo bucket, and then paste the URL here.
Anemones are not meant for new tanks as well mate, they have to be at least a year old for them to established. And when an anemone dies, it can crash the whole tank, it will just nuke everything in there when it dies.
Also IMO i think you have a few too many fish, but thats just me, also one too many sandsifters, they need a large bed to be able to survive, which you only just have, but i would sell one off.

Also im not sure about you lights, maybe a bit low lighting for Anemones, how deep is your tank? And where is the Anemone located??

Welcome to the Site!!
I'd agree the nemes are probably a bad idea, best of luck but I would suggest returning some of your stock since the tank is newly setup.
I have a 175 w MH that I can mount in the canopy, it just gives off so friggin much heat. I was thinking of maybe running it on the timer, a few hrs on and a few off.

Tank is 18" deep, lights sit right on the acrylic top and the neme is about 9" from the top of the tank right now.

I would not have purchased the neme, however it was a gift from a well meaning and not very knowledgeable friend who saw it on CL and thought it would be a good gift.
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Hello and welcome to the site!

I agree with the others -- if you want to keep the anemones, you will need to upgrade your lights. Your lights are very low for keeping photosynthetic animals -- low light corals may be okay at the top of your tank, but anemones require more light than even the most light demanding corals. If you want to keep more than soft corals, you will also need new lights.

I suspect the insufficient lighting had to do with why your first anemone died. When anemones die, they can also wipe out everything else in the tank with them. Keep that in mind if you decide to keep your anemone.

Sometimes people mean well, but then they show up with a "gift" for your tank, and you're like, "Ohhhhh shoooot............."!! :lol:

Also, a general rule of thumb to follow is 1 fish per 10 gallons -- you are maxed out on fish at this point. If you want more or different fish, I'd suggest removing some of the ones you already have, or getting a larger tank.
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I was not planning on anymore fish. I will see if the LFS wants to take the neme and just focus on stabilizing the tank and aquascaping with softies
Well the MH is not going to stay in the canopy..I had it in there for just under 30 min and it started to melt the acrylic...I guess it needs to be higher up. I don't know....guess I will just keep on keepin' on.