power compact

im thank about get thes lights for my 120 i just want to keep soft corals my friend just got 2 for is 90gallon they look really nice for the price. but do i really need 2 of them its 2 watts for every gallon right hes saying its 6 and if i do need 2 im just going get METAL HALIDE. what do u all thank
2 watts per gallon will not be enough for really anything, not even soft corals. At a minimum, aim for 4 watts per gallon if you are going with PCs or MH.
look into t5 lights they are a lot better lights ant not much more in cost. plus the bulbs will last longer than pc's
You'll actually come out cheaper with T-5s.PC bulbs need to be replaced every 6 to 9 months and cost nearly double,while T-5 bulbs need to be replaced at 12 to 18 months at a cost of around 25 bucks a bulb.
I would go with the t5. The initial investment will be high for a 72 inch fixture assuming a 6 foot tank but like was said the bulb replacement cost will be lower.

From my experience lighting needs get somewhat overstated. I currently run a 48 inch fixture over a six foot tank, six bulb t5 54 watts a bulb. Everything is doing fine for some time now and growth is noticeable even in some sps I have high up in the tank.
i have 48 aquactinics tx5 (5bulb) t5HO on 75 gallon
and 72" nova extreme pro on my 125 gallon.
After switching from halides to t5's i'm able to keep zoos better now there spreading quick and i didn't have much luck with them under halides, and i'm saving a ton on my powerbill using less wattage and less heat in my living so air condition doesn't kick on as much now.