POTM October - Non-Coral Inverts!

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Here's mine


Damn it Britt you copying me LOL:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Tham all your guys candy canes look awsome, all the ones i have ben finding just look bland. Just grenn in the middle and like a dark tanish on the outside.
I finally caught Hermes out and a bout so quickly snapped off some cameraphone shots. Not the best of pics, but he's our boy!

Big K, just to inform you, that is a White Spotted Hermit Crab. Generally not reef safe, can go after fish, and have also read coral... So ya might wanna do some reading on them to decide ya next move.
Unless that is, you already know what it is! :p
But those suckers can get REALLY big! Like more than a baseball size.
Thanks guys! I have another funny Halloween crab pic but I don't want to use it for this month.
What the heck. I come back a few weeks later and all the chix are scratchin their crotches with crabs. Do I hear contest!!!:spider:

Ok I know it says spider but that was all there is!!!
Felix, I thought you were going to post your new BTA for this month? That was such a cool shot! (Your shrimp is a cutie though :) )
heres a cheap cell pic. lent the Nikon to a friend.

this guy is alwys hiding and rarely comes out, this shot is at night and hes in one of the caves under the rocks.

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