Post-Flood Update and Questions


Broke Reefer!
I am just about recovered from the flood I had almost 2 weeks ago - replaced the power supply to my lights, the arching outlet and GFCI adapter finally dried out and both are working just fine again, and I finally cemented together a pcv elbow piece for my return line so that it doesn't rupture again (I was using a connector normally used in irrigation systems and the same part broke twice - apparently not strong enough for the flow from my return pump). Anyhow, I also did away with the teflon tape and used the teflon paste, which seems to be aquarium safe from what I've read. I've currently got my return line set up so that it is just dumping back into my sump so that I can really test it for leaks. I also noticed that the teflon paste left a pretty strong chemically odor and I'm just a tiny bit concerned that there may be residue left in the connectors that could get into the water stream. My hope is that by having my return line dump into my sump, any residue will be washed out and picked up by my skimmer. Skimmer hasn't gone crazy yet, but I've only had the return pump/line running for about an hour now. Does this sound like a good plan, and if so, how long do you think I should leak test it and let any residue get washed out and picked up by the skimmer before I move the return line to dump into the tank?
I use to be a plumber. The Teflon paste you speak of is pipe dope. Where as most people think that the paste is what seals the joint this is false. The purpose of the pipe dope is simply to cause less friction so you can tighten the joint tighter. Make sure to use it sparingly and not use to much. Depending on which kind you buy most of them will set up. This is made for potable water where as the smell is quite strong, it will not release any toxins. Nor will it harm your tank. Hope this helps.