Possible I'll skip a cycle?


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Moved a 150g to my house Monday. Had it fully running by Tuesday. The rocks were out of water for about 15-20 hrs. I also scrubbed the hell out of them Tuesday morning. Prior to this the tank had been cured and running for about a year or two. The sand is all new as is the water.

Checked my ammonia today(6 days of running) and its at 0. Nitrites are also at 0.

Did I skip my cycle? Or do I need to give it more time?
I still have equipment on order and I have some problem shooting to do so I won't be filling it even if it was done cycling for another week or two. But I am very curious.

Skipped a cycle on a 50g to this 47g move the exact same way. So I know it's possible. This rock work was just in pretty nasty shape before I got to it so I was really expecting some ammonia there.
Technically you can speed a cycle along this way. But with all new sand and water keep in mind you will still need to wait for the tank to "mature", even if the denitrification happens quickly. And even if you do see the denitrification happen, there won't be enough bacteria to handle anything major. A couple fish dying at the same time or something that causes a sudden ammonia spike might crash the system. It will no longer be a two year old tank in that respect. All you've got is rock. Even when I start up my tanks from TBS with rock that is shipped in water along with sand that is teaming with life, I still go through a short cycle and have to wait a good year for the tank to really mature and have sps that begin to grow.
Thanks Dennis that makes perfect sense. How long do you think I should wait and should I start with CuC as is usual? I'm in no real hurry, I was just expecting it to be awhile.
I found a bucket of rock in my garage I apparently missed. It smells to high heaven. Added that and some food(didnt have any shrimp) ill check it again in a week and see how things look.
Rechecked today. Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0. I still have to acquire a skimmer and figure out a way to mount my lights. But I think it didnt cycle. Ill check again in a week or so when my stuff comes in the mail.

Weird though isn't it?
Do the table shrimp, just to be on the safe side. Your tank crashing because of rushing would suck epicly. The good bacteria needs time to build up anyway.
Working extra to scramble some money together for this tank so I just got a chance to dump some shrimp in there last night. How long should it take for ammonia to be visible on a test kit?

Just wondering when I should start testing and when it'd be considered clear if I didn't see any ammonia spikes.