pod culture

going to start a one up but i have questions i cant find answers to...
from what i understand i need
1. a jar or anything to hold water in
2. a air line going into it for oxygen
3. phytoplankton
4. bottle of pods to start out

is there something im missing?

i wanted to know if
1. they need light
2. do i need to heat the water and if i do what temp.
3. how do i know if i should do a water change
4. i have zooplankton will that be good as a food source.
5. how much air do they need i got a 5-10 airpump and its way too much i got a valve but i dont know how much air to give them exactly. do want to disrupt them
The best person to ask about this is Wes666, he has some articles on how to do this in the articles section. I would check those out.
Ya I meant pods lol
I have a refuge but I also wanted to have sum on the side
I already have sum in the refugium
I just got 2 bottles was thinking of throwing one in the refuge and the others one start sumthing on the side to throw them in the dt every once in a while