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Reefing newb
My cousin has a tanning bed! and she is changing the bulbs. i saved the bulbs she replaced and was curious if i could use them for my 120 gallon? would like to maintain corals and such!! :question: :bounce: :mrgreen:
I would say no.One reasons is the spectrum of the light bulb.Some of the bulbs are VHO with 100 more watts,but still would say to use a something made for tanks
My first response would also be No, but honestly I didn't know why I was saying that.

Go to this website:
watts 250
Manufactureer Giesemann
type double ended
Name Giesmann 250W Megachrome
Ballast PFO 250W HQI(M80)
Shielded N

Change the lower limit to 310nm
Upper limit to 850

Then you can see the nM plot of the bulbs I use on my tank.

UVA bulbs which from what I found are commonly used in Tanning beds run from 315 to 400 nanometers(nM).

Honestly I don't know the answer, but after looking into it a bit more I am interested.

Things to keep in mind.
Are tanning bulbs designed to run for 8 hours at a time?
How would you UV shield the bulbs?
Are there any UVB or C rays?
You would need to supplement with other lighting.

Anyways I'll just say 'I don't know' could be a yes or a no, but for the trouble and potential safty risks (loss of vision to you or your fish if not shielded properly) I wouldn't do it.

Very interesting question. May I ask why others said 'NO' just curious what some of the other reasons might be.

Spectrum is not correct for the reef and not needed for fish only as the color would not be appropriate, besides the uv would not be healthy for the animals at 315 to 400 nm.
For one the bulbs he has are old thus for why she changed them, two the bulbs are made to cook humans in less than a hour...not for saltwater animals.Lets stop and think what would happen if we left a plant in a tanning bed for lets say 8-12 hours it would burn becase thats what the bulbs were made to do in the first place,not to provide natural sunlight for corals..

awesome!! thanks everyone. was just curous. i didnt want to have to spend $500.00 if i didnt have to but now i see im going to have to reguardless! again thanks everyone!!
Well, Id Really Like To Grow Corals And Whatever Else I Can Getto Come Out Of The Liverock I Bought! Plus I Would Like To Purchuse A Few Corals As Well!
to be honest, i have spent about 2,000.00 already just getting into the hobby. funds are a bit limeted now so i guess i would like to get by as cheap as possible!
Yea,I know how you fill...I'll look around for a good deal..Its probably not going to be very cheap considering the size of your tank..Never mind about the measurments.There is a power compact system with 432 watts that would allow to house most soft corals for 399.00
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