Please help identify

Can someone please help me identify this....





The first 3 pics are a type of cup coral.They'er non-photosynthic and harmless.
The others look like a spgahtti worm(know I didnt spell it right).Which is also harmless.
I have some of those things in the first 3 pictures. Ive seen em for 3 weeks they dont get bigger and dont seem to be spreading so Im not worried about them. I would go with yote on that one. But then again im new to this game so theres my 2 cents.
I definitely can see the skeleton of a cup coral in the third pic.The first two,I cannot see a skeleton but many more tentacles than aiptasia[and the way the tentacles are folded not sticking upwards].Definitely not majano,probably not aiptasia,likely cup coral.