Plant question

I am relatively new to reefing, and my husband and I are looking for marine plants to add to the tank (55 gallon reef). My husband saw a picture of a plant that resembled a grape vine, with white bulb like "fruit". I have been unable to find out what type of plant this was. Anyone know? I would also appreciate any other ideas on good plants to start with.
Thanks for the info, but from the reading I've been doing it sounds like it may be the wrong choice for me to start with. Any recommendations on plants good for beginner? Or should I not even put plants in tank, perhaps it time to get a refuge?
Well its a very easy plant to keep alive, it works great in your refuge. Also most creatures will eat your plant life so you will have to be carefull of what you put in your tank with plants.
I tried once and learned my lesson.Put in a clump one night came home from work and Mr. yellow tang was finishing it off.Cheto may be a better option my tang has left it alone for now.If you have the option to add a refuge then your overall water condition will only get better