Picture of the Month Changes


Reefing newb
We've made some changes to the Picture of the Month competition, so submissions end on the 20th of each month. After that, there's voting until the end of the month, which selects the winner.

It may be worth having a read over the rules if you're thinking about entering:


If you want to enter this month, please be aware that there are only 3 days to go!
So a question for you on the new rules - do we vote for the photo of the month for the month prior? For example, its sept now but the Oct contest is currently running; will the November contest start on Oct 1st? I think this is what has me so confused because in the past the Sept contest ran during Sept, the Oct contest ran during Oct, etc.
Yeah, that's right - essentially you are submitting and voting for the picture which will be displayed during the next month. So, although it's only September now, we're actually submitting and voting on the image which will be displayed during October - so that's probably a better name for the POTM. This is the first month with the new system, so it's a little confusing, but once a couple of months have passed it should be familiar :).

I've also added a countdown to the sidebar to show how many days are left for the photo submission.