March POTM - Pinks, Reds or Purples

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Welcome to March Photo of the Month! The theme this month is Pinks, Reds or Purples. Full rules can be found here: POTM Rules and Themes

The deadline for submissions is 20 February 2014, and the poll to select the winner will be released on 21 February. The winning photo will be announced on 1 March.

Good luck everyone! :thumbsup:
Nobody yet? I got this... :)

There's purple in it...
Seriously?! My wife has an iPhone and hers won't take anything close to that. Its a 4, too. And I have an EVO 4G and maybe I just need to mess with settings more or something. I can get decent stuff, but nothing that looks like anybody else's.
take the photo, then edit it to crop it down and it gives you a sort of close up shot. Only way I get it to even look half decent ? I must admit I cant see the purple in your photo ? Not saying its not there just cant quite see it. lol
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