Photo Gallary

Papercat1 said:
How do you post to the photo gallary? I have tried to upload pictures twice with no success :frustrat:

check out that link.... Make sure that you have your camera set to the smaller pictures the site tells you the max size you can upload..... many people miss this link above the upload area that tells you the specs.

If you still have trouble let me know or email me the picture at [email protected] and I can try it for you and let you know what the problem is or give you step by step instructions.

Its not the dimensions of the picture that counts, the forum will auto resize. Its the file size. Its currently set to 2mb for each picture.
i also realised that there is a last step to perform. I kept forgetting 'Process" at the bottom of the page that actually sends the photos to teh server. Maybe you were missing that too?