Perfect water?

I just tested my water and I'm pretty stoked. pH 8.0, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrates 0! I have been seeing nitrates between 10 and 20 the past couple weeks and now they dropped to 0. Im seeing slight algae growth on both my sand and base rock, but the snails and hermits are keeping it down to almost nothing. My tank is a 46 gallon FOWLR, 40lbs live rock and 80lbs live sand with the following fish and inverts:

1 - 1" blue angel
1 - 1" gray angel
1 - under 1" foureye butterfly
1 - 1" spotfin butterfly
1 - 1" neon goby
1 - small banded coral shrimp
1 - small peppermint shrimp
1 - small arrow crab
2 - blue leg hermits
6 - turbo snails

Filtration is reef octo bh-100f skimmer (just set it back up tonight as it has been down for 3 days) and an emperor bio-wheel (70gal size). All fish and inverts have been in the tank for over 2 weeks with the exception of the pep shrimp, the hermits, and 2 snails.

Im guessing everything is going smoothly for now:mrgreen: