Reefing newb
Hi I have been treating my tank with copper for what I thought was ich and have lost a regal and tallow tang to it so far however this morning one of my clowns started swimming around the tank really fast then just died as I was fishing him out a worm ate itself out of the dead fish on closer inspection whatever it was has eaten my fish from the inside out, I took the fish with the parasite in a bag to my local marine shop who havnt got a clue what it is, it survived out of water and seemingly survived being put into fresh water, it has now been frozen and sent to Tmc to identify it however they advised me that it has more than Likely been what's killing my other fish, firstly can anyone identify anything like this and secondly my angel fish is now acting similarly to the clown but is taking a lot longer to die, guessing as he is bigger, any suggestions on the most humane way to put him out of his misery???
Im so sorry for your troubles. I have heard of people putting fish in the freezer if they are dying to speed up the inevitable process. :(
No! Mix clove oil in a cup of water, wait 20 minutes then use a clear vodka (Bartons has a use after all) and thatll do it.
You treated your tank? Or did you mean your qt?

Please verify your tank it really just 60 liters? Please tell me that is a type :shock: Those tangs need much much much much larger tanks. Plus if your tank is just 2 months old, it's no wonder your fish are dying from all sorts of things no doubt aggravated more by the stress of being in such a small tank space.

That said, please post parameters -- ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, salinity, temp, etc.

I'm still hoping that you typo'd that tank size :shock: even if you meant 60g, still too small for those tangs.
Yea I know made a mistake with the tangs but they were only
Babies, they were moving to a new home when they got bigger but doesn't matter anymore lost the last fish in the night just have a clown left now, and the tank levels are fine

Ph: 82
No2: 0ppm
Ammonia: 0 ppm
Salinity 1:024
Phosphate: 0.25 ppm
Calcium: 460ppm
Kh: 196.4
but doesn't matter anymore lost the last fish

But it DOES matter. Putting fish in spaces that are too small for them contributes to stress, which weakens a fish's immune system, which makes them less likely to fend off an infection or parasite even with medication.... do you see where I am going with this?

There is not a tang or an angel that has any business in a 16 gallon / 60 Liter tank
Well I know this now at the time I was acting on advice from the shops, but this doesn't answer what sort of worm eats fish from the inside out I now have no fish and have shut the tank down and am going to sell it I jus want to know what sort of worm it is
It sounds like the worms that are common with many types of wrasses. I don't know the exact species name, but its similar to a fluke or a tapeworm. I have not really heard of them effecting tangs and angels, but when a fish is stressed all bets are off
I have it confirmed by Tmc from the frozen sample it's a aegid impossible to remove and I've been told not to put my hands in the tank as the parachute can jump to humans theve told me to nuke the tank with copper to kill everything and throw all live rock and sand away and they told me to kill my last fish and to kill my hermits which are in a separate tank to avoid them being eaten from the inside out
Bummer. At least you know.

Yeah, once you use copper on a tank, it will be difficult to use the tank as a reef for a long time and after many washings, if at all. Copper can seep into the seams and leach out once refilled. Maybe just get rid of everything inside, rinse the tank out w/ vinegar, and leave it dry for a while.

You might want to avoid getting fish from that LFS again. One because their tanks are likely all infected now. and two, they give awful advice. Keep in mind all LFS's are businesses and some are better at giving advice, but even the better ones still want your money. We've all been guilty of impulse buys and getting things on the advice of the lfs. I've stopped that because frankly, I can't afford to get bad advice....literally. It's too expensive of a hobby.