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its my first water change and i did the RO water with the salt mixed in but all the salt was clumped at the bottom and i poured the salt in but my corals are all closed up what should I do
You should mix the salt into the RO in a different container outside of the tank next time. Many salt brands recommend a 24 hour mixing period before you pour the new salt water in the tank. All that salt probably burned the corals. Wait a few days and hopefully they will open back up for you.

You should mix the salt for a while just to make sure it doesn't settle at the bottom of the bucket. Also make sure that the temperature of the water in the bucket is the same that the one of your tank. This way, you avoid causing drastic temperature changes in the water when you do your water changes.

Good luck! I Hope everything ends well for you.
I mix my saltwater on Saturdays in a 5 gallon bucket with a power head in it over night. I then do my water change on Sundays.
Your first water change and all your corals are colsed up? I must have missed something. How long has this tank been set up and what do you have for livestock?
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Is it okay to take out some water and leave the water level in tank a little low overnight?