Overflow Question


Go Big Or Go Home !
So im currently running one overflow box and then it splits down below to two and one end goes into refugium and one end goes into my skimmer sump section both section are connected and go up with one single return pump. Currently using a rio pump and its rated at 800 gph so with head pressure I think its like at 600 my overflow is a eshopps pf 800 rated at 800gph.

Anyways im having troble keeping the flow even on each side plus im kinda thinking its a little low on flow down there. Would it help out on nutriend transfer if I bump up the flow thru the sump and refugium ???

I was thinking of just adding an additional eshopps pf 800 overflow and just plumb them seprate so one geos into refugium side and one goes into sump skimmer side and then just getting a bigger pump maybe a rio hf 26 or something like that.

Will this help bring down my nitrates any further ??? Even do there not bad at around 3 to 4 ppm but would like them closer down to 0 if possible.
More flow into your sump isnt going to help with trates. W/c's is the way to get rid of them.

Those mp40s im sure is helping stir up all that extra crap out of your system and overfow boxes dont do a great job of getting heavy crap out of the tank too, guess thats why we rely on cuc?

When was the last time you bulked up on them?
my CUC is still pretty good, I still see the snails make there way out of the sand and stuff to clean when I feed. I might still bump it up a bit with some more nirites do and was thinking of getting a fancy serpent star.