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I have a 745 gallon reef tank that I set up 13 years ago. The aquarium sits between the living room and the dining room. It has always been noisy, but as my husband gets older and his hearing gets worse, it has become a problem. The overflows are on both ends of the tank, and so the water has to drop a good 39 inches. All the slurping makes it hard for him to hear the television, which means he keeps turning it up, and it drives me nuts. Could I use PVC pipe to raise the water level in the overflows so that it doesn't have to drop so far before it hits the filter sponges? I envision the overflow boxes holding a good bit of water before it is high enough to filter through the sponges. Not sure if I am explaining this well . . .
Not sure if that would be feasible or work. You didn't mention if you have hang on overflows or built in ones. If they are hang ones. get yourself some acrylic sheets and cut some lids for the open section on top. Makes a big difference in the splashing noise
The overflows are built into the tank itself. I did make a cover for the one side, which seems to be much noiser than the other.

The overflows have a perforated pipe in them, and the sponge slides down to the bottom, so when the water flows, it has a long way to go to hit bottom.


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