Our new rock scape - opinions please ?


Reefing newb
Decided to try and open the left had side of our tank, for more flow and to add a couple of extra hiding places.
My husband is not so sure about it, I like it. I have put before and after shot.
Opinions would be appreciated
First photo is the old left hand side.
Second is the new Left hand side
Third is a full tank shot
Sorry about the quality but IPhone pictures
photo (2).JPG
photo (9).JPG
photo (3).JPG
I actually like it both ways. You have more swim and flow through on the new way which is something I try to do. You have an amazing tank:thumbsup:
Thank you
Wow those are some really healthy looking corals!
I like both scapes as well!
we spend a lot if time hand/target feeding the corals and have also noticed a huge difference in them since using nopox ! We have always been lucky to have quick growing corals We have traded a few if the bigger ones in for smaller ones and started all over again. My husband doesn't like them too big. !! We do like lots of colour too. !