Orange Sponge


I have someone offering me an orange sponge b/c their child wont leave it alone.

I have not added my livestock yet (only the damsels for cycling) and was wondering if I should take it?

Are they hard to keep? It sounds like everyone on here has a sponge or two. What do I need to feed them?

It sounds like they are just filter feeders, but without a good livestock will it survive in my tank?

p.H. 8.3
Nitrates 20
Nitrites 0
Ammonia 0

There pretty easy. High flow and add some marine snow once in awhile to the tank. Also make sure it doesnt get load with detrius. Do not allow the sponge to have contact with the air when adding to tank. Also, if you have an angel fish they will devour it.
No angelfish. However I do have brown algae. I am keeping the tank clean and so are the turbo snails, however I have heard that the algae will kill them. Will the snails keep it clean of algae?
Usually,its hair algae or cyano bacteria that will kill sponges.If hair or cyano starts growing on them,it restricts the water the sponge pulls through its pores.
Sponges are usually pretty easy to keep. One thing to be careful of, be sure to not expose it to air at all. Unlike corals, sponges will die if they are exposed to air even for a few seconds. You'll need to transfer it from the bag to the tank underwater.
OK, thanks for the help. Maybe I will try it. Do I need to add anything to the water to help it along, or is it primarily a filter feeder?
OK, thanks for the help. The tank is coming along very well. I am very pleased with the purple and green colors that are starting to pop up everywhere. :)
Oh you'll learn to hate that purple:mrgreen:

Post a pic of the tank when you get a chance Lily.We'd love to see it.
OK, good. You scared me, I am starting to grow a lot of it :)
I will try and post some pictures:
They are about two weeks old.
I have to include a picture of my Turbo snails because they are such hard workers.