one more quick ID please?


I am Addicted for sure!

pink spotted goby right?

i feel like an idiot. my LFS told me it sifted the sand. this thing doesnt ever leave from underneath the rocks!
Yea... spotted goby. It will sift the sand, but like you said it may not do it much. I had one that barely did it at all... Then it carpet surfed... got a different goby that sifted all the time.... then it carpet surfed.... no more gobies...
I had two sand sifting gobies. They both jumped out of the tank. Be sure you have a lid or something like that with those fish.
my pink spotted gobie does sand sift a little but never tried to jump and is 2 years old now. Also loves to pic up all the shells in tank empty or not and stack them in back of tank behind rock
My yellow watchman goby was chased out of the tank twice by one of my clowns. Both times he landed in the return section of my skimmer prefilter box. Now he lives in my 20Gal.QT
Yep, I think that my clowns have chased out a couple of gobies - even when covered with that plastic grate stuff!

But, I've had a scooter blenny for a month or so now, and he hasn't taken up carpet surfing yet.