On Sale this weekend - Some Good Stuff to Brighten Your Tank


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Arctic Ice Palys & Bam Bam Zoanthid Frags - Only $14.99 for 5 polyps

Jeff of Baltimore MD said this about our Bam Bam Zoos- I love this coral!
This is hands down one of the coolest zoanthid corals in my tank! The orange is so intense, and really helps these polyps stand out from the rest. My frag came with 6 polyps, and has now grown to 19. This one doesn't bud quite as prolifically as the eagle eyes, but by no means am I disappointed. I totally recommend this coral :)

Green Bubble Tip Anemone - Only $33.99

Just 1 of the 8 reviews on our Green Bubble Tip - Christina and her crew are simply amazing! The anemone is beautiful and I love it. Only the best from Reefs2Go.

Nemo - Ocellaris Clown Fish - Only $14.99

Gail said this - Several weeks ago, I purchased four of these clownfish. They are all doing great and getting along well together. Quality is superb! Excellent service! Thanks Reefs2Go!

Australian Duncan Corals - Only $19.99 for 2 Heads

Frank said this - I purchased one head like a month ago from reefs2go's specials. It arrived healthy and is doing really good. Can't complain at all. I think the price is a bang for the bucK!​

Green Slimer Acro Coral- Only $24.99

Pom Pom Xenia - Only $14.99

Tee from Maryland said this - Purchased these Pom-Poms from Reefs2go and they arrived ONTIME, THRIVING AND VERY BRIGHT! They have already started making more colonies by splitting, as I placed them in the "Prime Real Estate" area of my tank. Very impressed with REEFS2GO!

Buy 2 Get One Free - Florida Ricordea - All Colors - While Supplies Last​

Coral Beauty Angelfish - Only $19.99

Dave said this - The coral beauty is a great first fish. They are very easy to take care of once they are acclimated to the tank. They might nip at corals, but as long as you feed them, they are happy and good long lasting fish. Make sure your parameters are good, also. Reefs2go is a great place to get healthy fish! They are my only fish providers in the state!

Hi Fin Antenna Goby - Only $19.99

Yellow Watchman Goby - Only $11.99

Tonya of Wisconsin said this - I've had this little guy over a month now and he's doing great. I am happy with Reef2Go and will order again

Live Marine Feeder Shrimp - Only $.29 each!!

Candy Cane Coral - Only $9.99 each

Buy 2 Get One Free - Florida Multi Color Rhodactus Mushrooms - While Supplies Last

Orange Fan Sponge - Only $9.99

Jennifer a first time customer said this - I was so excited of how wonderful the invertibrates arrived to me and with such care and percise shipping so I could arrange my schedule . Thank you and look forward to being a repeat customer.

Orange Spot Saltwater Prawn Goby - Only $14.99


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