Omen and Boy George Hangin Out

I was playing around with my point and shoot camera today... :wave:

Thanks, too bad the images aren't as clean as my dslr. But I do love this p&s.

Here's another of Omen from the same shoot...

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They're hot now, but one day they'll probably be washed up and end up doing gay fish pron or something. :mrgreen:

it can happen to the best of them haha. awesome pics though. its so cool to see peoples talents and ur definitely talented!
Dennis with your monti's getting pale like that maybe try moving them lower in the tank.

Ya, i did. The smaller frag is halfway up the rock which puts it a little less than the halfway mark of the tank, and the one in the pic is now in the lower third... pretty much as low as I can put it. I don't know if the color will ever come back. They are both growing pretty fast though. The tank has 6 39w T5's. My digitas are up pretty high and are doing great, nice and colorful and growing.
i dont think its that they dont like it it is just the light is now making a different color come out more. but i could be very wrong about that