ok.. something is not right..

would keep it in the DT should come around fairly quick

Thanx.. I put it in the refuge.. will move it back.. oh great added stress..

Should I feed it.. (phyto).? or lay off the feeds..?

.. seems silly but... do they do best pointed any specific direction?
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I .... AM....SOOOOO....Hooked! ... a total addict..
...my neck almost snaps every time I drive past a LFS.

Just added a couple of frogspawn singles as a test.. .. and they LOVE my tank...
...oh crap!.. now I've done it. :bounce:

you guys & gals have created a monster
... and thank you...
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Yesterday removed my RapidLED rails off my 95.. nothing is wrong with them and Rapid does a great job and provides a great product.. I figured out my tank doesn't need them. As, my experimenting has confirmed we do not need nearly as much LED power as we tend to think. This tank is now running on 54 1 watt LED's. It is the AquatecLife 36" 1w 54 unit. and the corals are loving it.. this is a 95 gal that has 23" of water depth and the LED's are about 12" off the surface of the water. I will post a picture in a couple of weeks or so when it is at show off condition. For now the corals that were not doing so good because of the bad rock are making daily improvements... let's give them some more time before a pose for a picture... and my new coral purchases are doing amazing.
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