Odd very clear anenome with white bally tips.


Reefing newb
I cant figure out what type of nem this guy is. When he closes up hes got orangeish whitish outer surface. I have seen a few of my little brittle stars and even a fairly large one walk over it and immediately dropped a leg, fell, shimmied back up the rock and did it 2 more times losing 3 legs total. I SAW 3 BRITTLE STARS DO THIS. What's going on?


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Cant see it in the picture, but it sounds like a aiptasia, also know as glass anenome. Its a pest. Nuke it with aiptasia x or aiptasia control.
looks kinda like a ball anemone to me. I *think* they are harmless, but you can use aiptasia x on them if you want
I can't see what you are talking about in the pic, but it does look like you are dealing with a pretty big dinoflagellate problem - the green algae that's filled with bubbles. You might want to check out the algae subforum - lots of great threads with info on how to deal with them.
I know it is very hard to see, it's directly below the green algae (dinoflagellate) as FishyReefer pointed out. You can really only see the white balls in contrast to the green. I assumed it was aptasia at first but it really doesn't look like it.