My New Endeavor!

I have a few changes in my views on how to keep a beautiful reef tank now days, this is what I have found that I live by now:

- I dose 2 drops of Vodka daily (In a 75g with 50g Sump)
This allows for artificially high populations of bacteria. Higher bacteria population witch helps to rapidly break down decay. Also water clearity increase.

- Use a good protein skimmer! At least a rating of 2x your water volume. I have an Octopus works great!
This is especially important with the vodka dosing! The skimmer pulls out the fattened up bacteria removing tons of nutrients from your system.

- I add Macro Bacter 7 regularly ( a few times a week )
I do this to ensure good populations of healthy bacteria to your tank to out compete bad bacteria populations such as cyano.

- I add Phytoplankton Daily
I do this to excel copepod populations which excelerate coral growth.

- In the sump I have a Refugium with live rock and Macro Algae littered with copepods and Amphipods, grown under a 70w High Pressure Sodium Halide light.
Always keeps me at 0 nitrates, Macro growth is best with a High Pressure Sodium Halide!

- Still interrested in testing out!??
I'm still interrested in seeing the benefits of dosing Amino Acids. Theory has it that super clean systems could use the benefit of dosing Amino Acids.
Newer Pics with 2x 250w MH Lights

Newer Pics with 2x 250w MH Lights and Sump view