Odd tank shape to check out


The Tennis Pro Reefer
I saw this on ebay. The price is now 107 with 2 days left. It is a 55 with two tubes that connect them. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having this setup.

Advantages I can think of is having fish swim through the tube would be pretty cool. Also I could block off the tubes and have more aggressive fish or a snowflake in one side and safer fish with corals on the other side but keep the same amount of water flow.

Disadvantages would be cleaning inside the tubes and if fish wouldn't like to swim through it and therefore cut their swim space.

http://www.casco-group.com/USFS-specialty.html go to the tube model.
That would be so cool. You would have to have flow going through them tubes. Would be hard to clean unless there is a way to block them off to remove the tubes.
i have seen a tube setup with multiple tanks. it was really really cool, i dont really dig that one though. think it looks kinda lame. tubes are too short imo it is only cool if its a longer tube for them to cruize through, and understandably a pain in the ass to clean