clownfish becoming aggressive?


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I know clown fish can be funny and aggressive, especially maroons but with that being said; I have had an ocellaris pair in my tank for 1yr now. everything has been fine up till now... i have noticed one clown became more aggressive towards the other. I observe them swimming and for weeks they would swim near each other and shake vigorously in front of one another as if they were attempting to mate/pair...w/e you want to call it. this past week has been different, I noticed the aggressor chase the other around the tank and at one point; it bit the others pectoral fin and when i say bit, i'm not talking about a little nibble here... it bit down on it and would not let go of the others fin but oddly, it did not hurt or damage the fin (not sure how as i was yelling through the glass "let go asshole!"). yesterday, i noticed the least aggressive clown was MIA... found it hiding in a cave that my serpent star dug out amongst the sand and when i fed the tank, it came out to eat but its anal fin and tail fin had some missing tissue. After it ate, it went back to its cave. The aggressive clown will go into the cave also while the other is in it and he will just chill inside, not bothering the other clown; as if its their home. should i be worried? is this natural? if not; what do i need to do?

everything in the tank is fine as far as parameters are concerned. no signs of stress (malnurished, ich, discoloration), and both clowns are the same size. they were purchased at the same time from the same source as well. Only difference is the aggressor has turned a darker orange and the black colors in him seem more bold
The aggressive clown is the female.And it's not uncommon for the females to be complete and total asses. ( no offense to any of the fine ladies on LR's ) The female is probably just trying to show that she's the ruler of the roost.So the male kinda gets kicked around.
It's normal in clowns.
I hope she doesn't beat him up too bad. My female maroon bites the male all the time, but doesn't appear to be doing any damage. He actually bites back at her. Kinda funny to watch.
my clowns arent attacking each other butthey both beat the crap outta my hand and arm whenever i have to work inside the tank lol
shes persistent then, i watched her chase him around for a good 10 minutes of constant darting in and out of rock/back and forth from side to side of the tank. eventually he got fed up with it and turned around, both were opening and closing there mouth in a funny manner as if they were talking with no sound.
Yes. My husband mouths "help me" when he feels people can see him. It really sounds normal. Silent cries for help. It's all part of the dance.

I couldn't stand to watch the bullying/mating/whatever in my biocube with my 2 occ clowns and brought the mean one to my LFS manager. In my 60 now I just have one clown b/c I didn't want the aggression/mating nonsense.
so this aggressive female clown... is as big as a blimp now. very round in her mid section and her ovipositor is exposed. does this mean shes about to lay eggs? the male clown keeps his distance still for the most part
Is she craving pickels or ice Hope she lays eggs for ya...but there are bacterial issues that can look like pregnancy.
My female has been laying eggs for years, and I have never been able to see a physical change in her when she is "pregnant". So, sorry I don't have an answer for you. :(