Ocellated Dragonet.


Reefing newb
I was given my 20 gallon aquarium a year ago. Before then the fish were fed only dry food. I went on the computer to find out as much as I could about the various fish in the aquarium. One fish I was concerned about was the Ocellated Dragonet (Scooter Blenny.) I think "he" is the toughest fish in the aquarium. I feed him frozen deer heart, frozen clam meat, frozen cooked and raw shrimp, frozen salmon and frozen cooked crab meat. I feed all the other fish these foods also. "He" is doing great.and I believe "he" has grown.:)
I should have mentioned what other fish I have in the aquarium. There are 2 Clown Anemonefish, 1 Neon Dottyback 1 Azure Damselfish and the Occellated Dragonet. They all tolerate each other.:)