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I'm REALLY going to show my ignorance here, and Yote, this is probably a question for you since I know you have the same lights.

Aren't the blue actinics and white lights supposed to be on at the same time? I bought the electronic timer strip and set it up per the instructions with the white plug in the 1st yello port, actinic pluc in second yellow port and the moon light plug in the last blue port. I have the 1st yellow plug timed for 6am to 12 pm for now, but only one actinic light lights up when they come on. All four of the whites come on. I thought there was a way you could time it so that the blue come on first, then the white so as not to schock the fish with instant bright light. If I turn off the whites, all four blue light, so it's not that the bulbs don't work. Are the actinic lights supposed to be plugged into the blue night port and on all night? Or is there something wrong with my fixture?:frustrat:
Your white lights should be plugged into the yellow,the actinics into the blue,and moon lights into the black.
I have the coralife aqualight powercenter.
My actinics come on at 12:00pm,them my 10k's kick in at 1:00pm.Then at 9pm my 10ks go off followed by the actinics at 10pm,when my actinics turn off my moon lights come on.
Bean I have the same lights too and it sounds like something is wrong... All the actinics run off the same plug so if only some of the bulbs are coming on, then I'd say there's a problem...
After re-reading that,you could also have a problem with your timer.
Try plugging your whites and and actinics both into your wall outlet and see what happens.If they all work then you know you have a problem with your timer.
I threatened the lights that I was going to send them back, and apparently they didn't want to go back into the box. All 8 lights are now on. I did plug them in separately and got 2 of the blue on with 4 whites. I turned off the power on the unit, turned the blue on, then the white and they all worked. Now after about 1/2 hour, two of the blue are off. I will turn it all off and wait til the bulbs cool down and see if they are in the ballasts correctly.
Ok,sounds like you have a bad ballast.Call where you ordered your lights from and talk to tech support after you check to make sure the bulbs are in right.
I had one actinic builb that wasnt locked in the socket good and wouldnt come on,,,so I got my fingures crossed that thats your trouble.
Bean I kinda had the same problem with the Nova's also,only half the actinics would come on at first.I had to squeeze the end caps a little closer,possibly from being bent from shipping,I don't know.Make sure if you do this,do it unplugged.

Just a suggestion to everyone with the coralife dual timer outlet....don't get even the slightest salt in the strip.The timer for my actinic moves slower than the daylights so I have to reset it everyday.Guest it time for a new one.
I'm going to make a HUGE plug for Those people are AWESOME! Only one or two of my blue lights will come on. I switched bulbs around - none were burnt out, plugged in, unplugged, tried everything. They all came on earlier in the day, then went out for good. I called and they are going to send me another set of lights and a shipping label to send these back. I can't tell you how many times they apologized. They aren't going to charge me again unless they don't receive the old lights for 14 days after I receive the new ones. They said if any of the bulbs were broken in the new ones to replace them with bulbs from the old one before sending it back. AWESOME AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! It's been a long time since I've dealt with a company that valued customer service higher than my expectations. It's refreshing. A bummer that the lights were broken. Thanks all for your input. As always, this site is GREAT!
Glad your at least getting it resolved bean.
You really cant beat liveaquaria's customer service.When I received my light it had one actinic bulb that was broken,they shipped me another bulb next day air at no charge to me.
Sorry Bean that you have to wait a little longer for some new lights.The 2 Doc's are one of the best on the web,customer service could be a little more knowlegeable though.You can still run the lights for now,right.
Yes, the whites and the moon lights work fine. The actinics - usually only one works, but sometimes 2. Should be ok for the next week until the new ones come.