nova extreme pro

i have been trying to figure out if i have enough light in my tank
i am running a nova extreme pro 6 light
if each t5 daylight is 54 watts then do i only have a total of 162 watts?
do the actinics count as wattage

i should have around 450 watts +/-

that doesnt seem so extreme

please enlighten me

the tank is a 90gal 24" deep 48" wide 18" front to back
all the lights count, corals need actinic lighting also, i have 72" nova pro i just got recently. Still using the bulbs it came with but when i change them i'm going with this setup:

ATI Blue Plus
ATI Pro Color
ATI Actinic
ATI Aquablue
ATI Blue Plus
ATI Aquablue

this was recommended by grimm reefer from reef central who is the t5 guru so i will try these in ati or geisemann bulbs.
with t-5's the watts per gallon rule doesnt apply, and also with the extreme pros, all the bulbs have IR which make it as intense of lighting as if you had a 12 bulb T-5 setup
I run the 6x54w nova pros on my 150g tank. 150g tall by the way. 30" deep. I can succesfully keep pretty much anything in my system. Just have to space it out right. (SPS and clams in the first 12") (Lps 12"-24ish) everything else lower. On the bottom of my tank I have zoas and candy cane and a birdsnest...

I have SPS LPS softies clams... all do well :) hope that helps you out. Oh and I also run 12hr lighting cycle.