Nova Extreme Pro


I found Nemo
what are your'e thoughts on this fixture? do you know anyone who runs one? I'm thinking of getting this fixture in the next couple of weeks. I know the i.r. isn't as good as the aquatinics sun blaze fixture, but for the $500 price difference, I think I can cope. the biggest downfall I can see is that it doesn't have moon lights. by the way. foster and smith has it on sale for around $350 with bulbs.
after holidays i'm gonna replace my metal halides on 125 tank with the 72" nova pro mainly for heat issues with halides and less power consumption.
I see that the price has gone down.At $430 it was a good buy,at $350 its a steal,well kinda.Still,I don't understand why they didn't include lunars.The old fixture(which they still sale)was darn good,these even better.I would get it and replace three of the bulbs.
which three would you replace and why?

The slimpaq bulbs don't have good as PAR as other bulb companies,mainly ATI and UV.Secondly,all blue and crisp white bulbs don't bring out the colors as well.I would replace one of the 460nm actinics with a UV Super actinic(420nm purple) and two of the daylights.An ATI aquaspecial 12k(slight blue daylight) and a GE6500k.
reef, is the ge 6500k the one that is supposed to bring out red colors really well?

Yes,and its good for corals too.There 3000k will bring out red, and yellow even more.You'll need two actinics to balance the 3000k,it really,really orange hue.Still okay for corals too but not as good as the 6500k.I've swapped out both bulbs,I liked the 3000k more for fixtures with 7 or more banks.
I was thinking of two 420nm bulbs instead of one. then one 50/50 actinic of some sort such as the ATI bulb you suggested. but, you're the lighting expert. to make a long story short, i'm just looking for something to bring out the colors more, without loosing too much PAR, or making my tank look too blue.
Ideally,replacing all the bulbs would be the best thing to do.The slimpaqs aren't great but they still work,thats why I mentioned three bulbs.Sure,the more you replace the better.

Trust me on this,ANY daylight bulb will grow algae.Nutrient will play a larger role.When it comes to lighting,whats good for nuisance algae is good for corals.They do have symbiotic relation with the algae in their tissue after all.
well, I had a major setback. came home to a freaking busted hot water heater tonite:frustrat: so, there went 2/3 of the money that I had saved to buy lights with.:frustrat: why couldn't this happen in say....JULY! I could have made it a week without hot water then. but, since it's december......