Niger Triggerfish


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i have a 55 gallon reef aquarium and i want to put a Niger Triggerfish for about a year and a half in it well this be ok or does the Niger Triggerfish have a two fast of a grow rate to be keep in a 55 gallon i know the min tank size for this fish is 75 gallon. Also well this fish get along with clown fish? i plan of buying the fish from After i save money he well be going in a 240 gallon aquarium
Niger's tend to get more aggressive in smaller tanks.The Trigger MIGHT get along with the clownfish for a while,but the clown will probably become a punching bag or lunch within a couple of months.
I wouldn't risk it.
I would just wait till you upgrade to avoid any problems...Like yote said ,,triggers need room and may turn ugly in no time in a 55
the 24,000 gallon tank is where all my shark live.
here is the live stack list 6 pups blacktip reef shark, 3 Australian sharpnose shark, 2 Atlantic sharpnose shark with live sand, live rock and lot's of corals.
the protein skimmer are about the size of my 2000 gallon tank
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Holy shiz you mean you really do have a 24,000 gallon tank??? :shock:

Is it privately owned or is it part of an aquarium or something?

What about the 2,000 and the 964??