niger trigger

My friend Dennis who owned Coral Reef Connection told me a story about his dad during WW2. He came into the shop one day and was talking about these bastard fish that were brown and white that looked like polka dotted footballs that bit the hell out of them in the Pacific. Dennis said to him, "Did they look like this?" and pointed to a Clown Trigger. He dad says"Yea, that's the miserable little bastard, they just about ate us up when we went ashore at Kwajelien.

The worst bite I've ever gotten was from a Black Caribe. Didn't bother me for over a year, then one day, he comes out hell bent for leather and flaps my left middle finger.
so far the niger trigger is a good boy doesn't bother anything or any other fish in the tank but man is he a hog he alone eats about a half a cube of mysis shrimp and he is only about 3" long
I totally can't wait to get my big tank set up and have the triggers I want in it! It's going to be Tangs Puffers and Triggers!
Puffers and triggers and tangs, oh my:D