Niger Trigger

I have a Niger Trigger that has a bulging right eye. It was in some rock about two weeks ago and i thought it was dead. When i went to remove it he scooted out and has been fine until i noticed the bulging righ eye today.It is still swimming and eating fine its just its right eye is bulging out. :dunno:
It is possible that he injured his eye on the rock when you startled him. I had a clown get stuck to the pump once, his eye bulged for a week or so. The swelling went down.

I would also check your parameters since pop-eye is also a sign of poor water quality.
Brian is right, that is called popeye, and is usually caused by physical injury to the eye, or poor water quality. It usually heals on its own.

If the fish is continuing to eat, give it time, and it should get better. The fish may lose its eye, but as long as it's eating, it will be fine. I have a one eyed pajama cardinal that lost his eye to popeye about 5 years ago, he gets by fine, but swims in circles. :lol:
Really, he does. He's missing his left eye. When I put food in the tank, he can only see the food to his right, so he only swims to the right, in clockwise circles.