Newbie Marine keeper


Reefing newb
Hi all,

I'm hoping to find some help please , I've only had tropical tanks so far and now am looking at getting the Juwel Lido 120 and converting to Marine fish with live coral. I've done quite a lot of evading and have a good idea what I need but just want some clarification.

A protein skimmer
Marine lights
Then the normal stuff like Red Sea sand, salt , ro water etc .

No I'm wondering if people can give me info on how hard/easy this hobby is? How expensive it is and is it worth it ?

I want this tank and when I looked at tropical fish none if them did it for me anymore so thought I would look into marine.

Any help would be grateful as my hearts starting to pound but want. To make sure I know everything to know before I set up.

Many thanks in advance
Heather (-:
hello heather and welcome to the site. equipment needed Lights(T5-HO, LED, or Metal Halide) are the 3 main lights used just depends on what you want to spend. you will need Powerheads or wave makers. a protein Skimmer. sand needs to be silicate free most people use aragonite sand, live rock should be 1 to 1 1/2 lbs per gal of water you are better off with a refractometer then a hydrometer the best advice i can give you is nothing happens fast in this hobby but disaster so patients is the Key. here is a good article to read
Hi and welcome to the forum there's lots of knowledgeable people here who are happy to help. I couldn't agree more with @emmett0122 and this hobby is so incredibly worth the expense, that being said it's NOT a cheep hobby.
its not cheep but you take it slow and do a little bit at a time my first tank took me a year and a half to get everything for it and i had 2 total tank losses as far as fish go but now i have gone from my 55 gal i started with to a 150 gal and wouldn't trade it for the world
Saltwater and cheap are mutually exclusive terms. There are ways to keep the costs low, but as for it being cheap, not a chance. That Juwel Lido 120 looks like it's more skewed to freshwater fish.

Welcome aboard and Happy Birthday!
Welcome! No, the hobby is not cheap, but things worthwhile seldom are.

I find it fulfilling to be able to look in the tank and see changes almost daily. After starting with my first easy corals about a month ago I am seeing growth already.

Good luck and enjoy the hobby!
Thank you for all your help , I'm not too sure about a sump? Don't want to do this on the cheap but still need to try and keep prices down. Would anyone suggest using an external filter rather than internal with the Juwel Lido? Juwel say you can just use their internal filter but someone else has said I need external although he was quite unhelpful and very rude !!!
i run a 265 gal reef tank with a aquaclear 110 hang on, a aquamedic hang on skimmer rated for 300 gal, a 24 inch long hang on refugium and asorted powerheads and heaters. also a bubblestone. i dont have a place for a sump or a refuge under the tank. my tank is probably overstocked with fish. i think the reason it works is because i have a lot of rock and i have a very productive refuge. so yes you can keep it pretty simple but you have to be on top of your water and use good quality water to mix. i use an ro unit. my corals grow fairly well and my fish mix is fairly peacefull. i havent lost anything in quite some time. [months to year] but and i stress this. use a quarantine tank. even if its just a 10 gallon and you have to change a gallon a wk, do it. once you get your tank up and running and you start to get a nice collection going, you put one fish in there thats sick and you dont know it and it wipes out your collection, not only does it cost you a lot of money by its disheartinging, discouraging and depressing. also sometimes its something that cant be removed unless you run the tank barren for months or you have to sterilize and start all over. ie. parisites or disease. i started with a 55 gal freshwater setup that i converted to salt and i just added a skimmer and a couple powerheads. you have to start somewhere. read lots, ask questions, and use your on judgement. i someone gives you information that sounds stupid or doesnt make sense then be careful. there is just as much boggus info as real stuff out there. dont be in a hurry, take your time. i know its hard but you will be a lot happier with your results and you will save money
yes you can do it pretty basic. i run a 265 gal with an aquaclear 110 hang on, an aquamedic hang on rated for 300 gal a hang on refugium that 24 in long, a good bubblestone and assorted powerheads and heaters. lost of rock lots of coral, soft and hard, a clam, mushrooms,zoas etc. i do use an ro unit though. take your time. i know its hard but that will save you money and frustration. use a quarantine tank. even if its 10 gal and you have change water every day, do it. and if you are not getting good advice from your fish guy find another. a good store wants you to succeed because you become a long term customer. even if it means no sale today. sometimes paying a little more for your stock from an ethical store is a lot cheaper in the long run.
Welcome!! I'm also new, and I picked up my first tank over three months ago, and I yet to put water into it.. I'm taking everything very slow, and research is daily.. Everything you need can be found on here, but you can and will find one or two who will disagree.. I've found its personal preference on accessories..