New to LivingReefs, but not hobby

Hey everyone,

my name is Nick,

Just thought I would say Hello,

I have been looking for a new forum to join, since the previous one I was on is very slow and doesn't have many active members.

I live in Pa, and am currently going to school at Penn State Berks University studying Biology and Chemistry. Other hobbies include Guitar, and bike Riding.

I look forward to learning as much as I can from you guys and hope I can help anyone who needs it!

Nick D.
Welcome Nick. I am fairly new here also and this forum is pretty much my favorite. Everyone here has been extremely welcoming and helpful.
Thanks everyone,

I just recently found out that I have a bunch of savings bonds from birth, etc that I never knew about! So I will upgrading my tank from the 30 Gal. I have now to a 75 Gal. in the next few weeks. So if your interested, I will start a journal with loads of pictures!