New Tank 72 Gal. Bowfront


Tanerious Swimeroundus
Hey Guys been awhile since ive been on here anyway heres an update

In febuary I think, we moved everything over from my 25 gal. into my new 72 gal. bowfront.

Current list of livestock is basically;
1 foxface (will be moving him out when he gets bigger probably, I dont know what the minimum tank size is for him but he's getting big :( )
1 Clownfish
1 Chromi
1 Six Line
1 Flame Angel
1 Urchin (trading him in for LFS credit, it looks like he wiped out my purple corraline and touched nothing else?!)
2 Turbo Snails
1 Torch Coral
And 1 Green Plate Coral

Anyway heres some pictures, sorry I couldnt get better pictures, my apeture was messing around with me tonight!


Mr Flame Angel :)



The Urchin >_> Or as I like to call him "Mr. Tank UnPrettifier" lol
Thanks DJ!
And Biff I was thinking the same thing when I was looking at it, I thought it was an unusually good picture. But with the likes of Dennis and so many other talented photographers entering I wouldnt really stand a chance lol
It doesn't matter if you win or not, IMO. The POTM competition is a place where you can show off your tank to everyone on the site. And I think that picture deserves to be shown off.
Well I suppose I shall enter in the May one! :)

April one is over right? *cough* I woulda won that one for sure cause my birthday was the 20th *COUGH*