New refugium design


Reefing newb
M's tank has been getting worse and worse with hair algae, then the caulerpa in my 130D decided to go sexual today so time for refugiums on them. Sand filtre on the one side, mud on the other side and chaeto all around. I cut up an old 30 gallon breeder, the bottom glass, 12mm thick, was a bastard to cut!! :mad:


OK, time for an update. We should be filling it up tomorrow. Here's a pic empty on the stand. Water will be pumped up to it, then gravity feed back to the filtre section of the display.

Hey that is great! I was busy today converting a ten gallon to a sump/refugium. I like what you did and I will tell you, I bought the hang in tank refugium!
Got it up and running today, seems to be doing well. All has been tempered by my Mimic tang's disappearance. :( I've looked everywhere for him and he's no where to be found.
Found the mimic tang, don't know what's wrong with him, but he's wedged into the rock work like nobody's business. I can't get him out without taking a good bit of rock work apart. :(
Damn it, found the tang this morning, waiting to hear back if there was any kind of toxin involved. I don't think there was because of the country of origin. We inoculated the refugium out of my tank now the fun begins.