New! Odyssea 48" 716W Metal Halide System Advance Plus


Do Not Listen To Me!!!
Odyssea 48" 716W Metal Halide System Advance Plus

Anyone know anything about these.

Good? Junk?

I haven't read bad just good about them. Seems like an awesome price for the product.

I mean that is really affordable and they look great.

I am still going to take these big computer fans I bought and wired for plugging into the wal and make a professional looking wind tunnel above the water after I run it without them to see if the temp flies up.

I have really big 4" clear fans. I have the ability to build them a place to sit and spread the airflow across the water and not take up a lot of space.
Im not sure about there new stuff, but i do know that their older stuff is considered junky and prone to overheating. Talk to Cathic if you can find him, i think he just ordered something similar.
I have the older version of that light and I've been very happy with it over the past year. It was Cathic that just got that same fixture and he's been happy as well so far.
i have a older one and i have converted most of it to coralife parts as things broke. i have changed the mh ballasts out and most of the pc ballasts are now coralife ballasts. odessya light is the exact same light as the coralife aqualight jsut a way cheaper version. by just looking at them you prob could not tell the difference between them until you opened them up
Wait a second does anyone have this light. The exact one I am talking about.

I just emailed Aquatraders with a bunch of questions.

Now I am sure some of you will think I am stupid for asking these questions but this is what I want to know.

1) The email said they will be in at the end of February. Would you happen to know if all of those are already sold? I didn't see a pre-order but I thought maybe they were is high demand or something so that was why they were sold out.

2) It says on the items page that you get all the bulbs included. Are the MH bulbs set at 15000K or do you offer other colors to trade out. Like if I wanted one that was 10,000K or something like that.

3) It shows Reg. Price is $289. Is there a different price for this item like a sale price or something.

4) Have there been ANY returns or complaints or fires linked to this system. I have read about some other Odyssea lights having heating issues and stuff like that and would rather stick with the Current Nova T5s if that is true. I don't want my house to burn down. No offense to Odyssea but sometimes things happen with circuits melting.

Ok well I don't know about any of you but I can't wait to get the answers.