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Reefing newb
Hello! Talk about getting a late start to a new hobby!

I just got my first reef tank back in November 2013. It's a Red Sea 130d, bought used.....all critters included. Luckily for me, my better half (ReeferRob here) knows his stuffs, because this is technically my first salt water tank.

I've had a tank of African cichlids at the vet clinic I work at for years, but I was kinda ready for a new challenge. The reef tank is quite a bit more involved than the cichlids (they're pretty easy), so Rob's help and advice has been invaluable.

Most of my pet experience consists of dogs, cats, and horses, so being the dork the dork that I am, I have gone and named all my fish, lol. I have a mated pair of percula clowns, named Bonnie and Clyde, a blackmouth damsel named Clark W. Griswold, and a tailspot blenny named Buddha. No names on the cleaner shrimp or the emerald crabs since I can't tell them apart.

He's told me this is a pretty good group of people here, so I'm looking forward to learning a lot. Please forgive in advance any DFQ's (I'm sure I'll have plenty); Rob's used to that, lol.
The lady that shares my bed and 3 dogs too, lol.

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Hi and welcome to living reefs I doubt that he's your better half ( I mean look at his pic he's always got his tongue hanging out:whistle:). We love DFQ's their the only ones we get right. :D
Welcome!! I'm sure you will enjoy the company of others and the vast amounts of information to be found around here!!