new nano tank by red sea check it out

Looks cool but a little high on the price I think there starting to think that the Nanos are made of gold or something
i would rather make on with a metal halide probally could cheaper than that with stuff i got plus a aquarium cubes at aren't expensive at all
Not really that bad a price for an all-in-one. I paid more for an Oceanic 33g cube after adding light, skimmer, refugium, and powerheads.
I saw a proto-type at MACNA XVIII and was really impressed with how well thought out it was. It is a complete setup with lights (they showed PC's at MACNA, but I heard the final version would have T-5's), protein skimmer, multi-strip with individual switches to turn things on and off, two return pumps, timers for the lights, cooling fans, etc.