New Leds on the 90


Reefing newb
The finished clean up with the new lights -so far so good! some before and after pictures major changes in the last two months luckily tank has a strong base and all parameters remain balanced
you may not agree with this but-topledseller-e-bay 2ea, 165w 90deg full spectrum two channel manual dimmer(will be auto soon)pretty much the same as the reefbreeders stuff with out the bells and whistles-but now I want the bells and whistles-at least the ramp up and down.this is replacing 550w T-5 vho/ho. System been on the tank(90g) for six days good pe on the corals, frags encrusting plugs- clam happy- we will see, I,m finding it harder to acclimate to it than the animals in the tank! my eyes are killing me-14"above tank 75%
blue 85% white
Yes it is- just moved them back .500" and in .750" to center over corals trying to reduce the shadowing thinking about dropping them a inch also? seems like everybody runs the blue channel a little higher than the white I,m doing just the opposite-I guess if the animals like it I should too
just such a different look-never saw flouresents like I do now with the T-5s
I run mine at 75 and 75%, I don't care for the blue look either. You can always drop the intensity as you drop the lights, then ramp them back up.
Night and day difference in appearance. What light were you using before? and what led fixture did you switch too?
Cheap camera and leds don,t mix-camera makes it much more blue than what it is- two ebay black boxes replacing 8 tubes of t5 (four tubes vho 85w four tubes ho 54w) just put four tubes back on to supplement leds-cut down on shadowing and color tweaking easier to change a bulb out than a diode. In June when my Son gets his grad gift I will post some real pictures- that system has changed a bit