new girl here to learn before diving in

Another option you might think about.Is building the tank yourself.All it takes in some 3/4 plywood covered and sealed with fiberglass and a pane of glass for the front.There are 3-380 gallon tanks at the store I help at,that are built that way.And the most expensive part is the glass.
Since you planning this out WAY in advanced, I would suggest you look at

They built my customer turtle tank for me and I LOVE it. They are super friendly and very willing to work with you. Plus if you have them deliver it to one of the shows that they attend regularly (they travel all over the place) then I don't believe there is a shipping cost. :twocents:

A glass tank will run you about 1/2 the cost of an acrylic tank.
oh I saw and I saw that New Orleans seems to be on their list so when the time does come, rent a U-haul could be good.

Piggy I haven't been to that site before. Wow! That's one huge tank.