New corals coming and need an identification here...


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Ok, so I bought this SPS frag from Petco yesterday for $10. It is a muddled brown color and the tips of the polyps are green and blue. Very cool. When fully extended (it isn't in this pic) it is kind of bushy. Any help identifying it would be appreciated. Wondering if I got a good deal or not.

Also, I got the opportunity to jump on some cool corals that another reefer had fragged and was selling at $8 each. I got this whole lot, shipped, for $75. Let me know what you think:
Radioactive Green Dragon Eye Zoanthids
Pale Blue Palys
Pink and Gold Palys
Pink Birdsnest
ORA Green Birdsnest
Red people Eater (2 polyps)
Miami Hurricanes (2 polyps)
Nuclear Green Palys (button polyps)
Armor Of God Zoa (2 polyps)
Yeah it's a really nice piece. It's fully extended today. Bushy! haha

It's well-encrusted to the pointed rubber plug, too...which is nice. Today it got a piece of mysis. It's been working on eating it for the last hour. It's about half done haha.

Very excited to see how it goes. :)
$10??? That is fantastic for Petco. I've never seen any of their corals for less than $55. Nice pickup.
$10??? That is fantastic for Petco. I've never seen any of their corals for less than $55. Nice pickup.

Must be a locality thing I guess. I've never seen a frag there for more than $40....and besides one awhile ago I never saw one more than $25 before that.

It's mostly nothing special....Ricordeas, simple SPS, duncans, etc. They don't get nice aussie stuff or anything around here.
Our local Petco branches do not even carry saltwater livestock anymore.

Yeah, this one never used to but all the LFS stores around closed for one reason or another and they started they clean up. I was SHOCKED when I saw them carrying coral. The one back at my parent's house never had coral...just a few clowns and damsels.