New build arrived today !


Reefing newb
Boy was it heavy. Now the hard work starts. - plumbing - rescapeing - catching and placing. Big job ahead.
seeing as Australia is a british colony you would probably use the imperial measurement, same as canada. 4.54 litres to a gallon. so your tank is 254 gallons over here in canada. in the states their gallon is smaller, 3.78 litres, so down there its 302 gallons. hey i wonder if its standardised for tanks and everyone uses the same measurement. either way, its still nice. what are the dimensions? 7ft by 2ft by 30in deep? thats how big mine is and it was bought as a 265 gal. its now too small and i want a bigger one
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7 x 2.5 x 2,5. So very similar to what we had. But external overflow vs. 6 foot coast to Coast internal. Can't wait the internal has been pain since day one. !
awesome....can'twait until you fill it up!
Plumbing looks easy, but i think the local hardware store has seen our faces more in the last week than the local LFS has in a
We are plumbing with the Animal Bean silent set up, we use this on current tank and so far has been very quiet and flood proof.
We are hoping to get it wet in a couple of days time.
We were advised by a very experience reefer that we should use the siphon and tap method on this tank for water changes. So we are plumbing in a tap with click on hose attachment to remove water and then pump through same attachment fresh water. It is all done through the return pipes.
Downs with water change.JPG
Downs & ups..JPG
Filled and running without a hitch. Very quiet. Will be running for the next week to mix old and new water, with 3-4 water changes between old and new tanks.
Will make the big move next weekend.
Full tank long shot.JPG
Full sump long shot.JPG
Full tank top shot.JPG