Neon Barred Gobies, oh my


Reefing newb
My roommate went to the city today while i was at work, so i asked him to pick me up a few neon gobies b/c ive read that they are great at helping keep parasites away and can protect against ick ( which is what killed off several fish i had the first time i tried to set my 60g fowlr tank up). unfortunately, one of the lfs guys that we usually go to sold him neon barred gobies, which means i now have $75 worth of fish i havent done any research on whatsoever. is there anything i should know about these guys? will they be okay in a small group of three or do i have goby death in my future? what do i feed them and how often? so far, every goby i've looked up online says to feed 2 or 3 times a day, and i know that can't be right b/c i've also read in several places that feeding your tank that often will only result in problems. any help would be nicely appreciated