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how's everyone doing? My best friend and I have always dreamed of having a saltwater tank. we now have the opportunity to do so and we would love to hear opinions of every topic under the sun. Currently, we have a 55 gal tank, but all we have in it is the filter (fluval 305) and salt. Right now its really boring and we know this is a very expensive and very "touchy" subject. In the long run, we want to have a full on reef and fish tank. So I guess my question is what is your opinion on what to buy and set up next? I know i need a protein skimmer. anyone have any favorites or any don't buys? I would love everyone's :twocents: !
Welcome to the site. The best advice I can give you at this particular time is to refer you to the helpful articles forum and on page one you will find a load of information just for beginners and new systems. read and if you dont get your fill on page one go to page two and so on. We are glad to have you as a member and hope we can help you with your questions. For now try the articles and see if a lot of your questions are not answered there, then back here for what everyone else does or for opinions on specific items. I'm sure others will weigh in here also. happy fishin.
welcome to the forum.I agree that the articles are best strating point rifght now.Your tank size will a good varity of option when ready
I am just getting to the point where I can start stocking my 65G tank. I started with 2 250W MHs (I went with SE Hamilton 14K bulbs due to the fact that I don't have any additional lighting) and I went with a couple of good, strong powerheads (aqua clear 70s) for flow and a penguin 400 filter. For a skimmer I went with a Aqua C Remora Pro with the Mag 3 and the drain plug (thanks to Brandon). If I were going to do it again I would try to go for a 90 or a 125 just so I had room under the tank for a sump so I could hide the equipment. I would also recommend a good heater I have used nothing but Jager heaters for a couple years in any of my tanks SW or FW. I love them the best heater I have ever found. If you want to get creative you could possibly build a sump for you equipment and house it under the tank, but after looking into making one that would fit I decided not to. If you want to go really elaborate you could do a 2 part sump and make it work. More cost and lots of connections that need to be water tight but it is not impossible. I would visit Melvin's reef and see some of the sumps there and try it if you want.

just my :twocents:
I picked up a stealth heater a few months ago, I dont use it in any of my tanks, just for make up water. It is not glass so it wont break, I have dropped it numerous times and its still good as new. When I need another heater for any of my tanks it will be a stealth.